Alexander Khudilainen: "In Moscow, there will be House of Karelia"

December 19 in the prefecture of the Northern Administrative District of Moscow in the "Days of the Republic of Karelia" presentation of the investment, cultural and tourist potential of the republic was held. Entrepreneurs gathered in the big hall of the prefecture - potential investors, municipal employees, people interested in cooperation with Karelia, working in various fields of activity, heads of executive bodies of the republic, members of the Karelian community in Moscow.

The Head of Karelia, Alexander Khudilainen, presented to the participants of the presentation the opportunities that our republic is ready to provide investors with, the main directions of economic activity in which the Government of Karelia proposes to expand and strengthen cooperation with Moscow.

He also noted that Karelia is pursuing a policy to attract investors, aimed at creating a favorable investment climate, and this work is already yielding significant results.

The Head of Karelia spoke about the large-scale work being carried out within the framework of the State Commission for Preparing for the forthcoming 100th anniversary of the republic and the formation of the federal target program of social and economic development of Karelia.

Alexander Khudilainen noted that Moscow and Karelia are linked by long-term economic, social and cultural relations. This cooperation extends to mining and stone processing, fish farming and fish processing, development of small hydropower, improving the quality and reliability of the power supply system. Cooperation is successfully carried out in the areas of health, education, culture, tourism, exhibition activities and sports. Moscow is not only among the largest consumers of Karelian enterprises, but also serves as a source of investment, gives an example of new creative initiatives in the field of science, education and culture.

At the same time, the head of the region noted, Karelia is ready to further expand the spheres of cooperation and develop new areas of joint activity. Representatives of the business community actively responded to the proposal of the Head of the Republic. Numerous questions and proposals were voiced to create new, including innovative, productions.

For example, Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Interregional Cooperation of the Moscow Confederation of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Director of OOO Innovative Development Samson Reznik proposed to develop cooperation in the field of innovative developments that can be applied in industry and agriculture. According to him, the Center for the Introduction of Innovative Developments, which the Karelian specialists could participate in, could contribute to the implementation of the ideas that are born in Moscow and in Karelia. This could concern the construction of energy-saving wooden houses, new technologies for trout farming and much more.

According to Lev Borisov, adviser to the federal directorate of Centerkvartz, Karelia has an extensive base of quartz raw materials that can be used in a wide variety of industries, including electronic and nuclear. As Lev Borisov noted, today microscopic powders are in great demand in the world, they are used in the most progressive developments. Now together with the Karelian scientists joint researches of quartz and other deposits in territory of Karelia are conducted, and further this sphere could become the perspective direction of cooperation.

There were also proposals on cooperation in the mining sector, modernization of agricultural enterprises. Those entrepreneurs who on that day already visited the fair "Gifts of Karelia" opened in Moscow, offered to open a permanent shopping center in the capital, where Muscovites could purchase Karelian fish and embroidery, agricultural products, honey and milk, products from Karelian birch and much more .

- We are already working in this direction with the support of Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin. In the near future the House of Karelia will appear in the Russian capital. Now we are selecting a building for the opening of such a center where it will be possible to buy Karelian goods and souvenirs, "the Head of the republic replied.

Summing up the business communication, Alexander Khudilainen said:

Today, the presentation was a keen interest in the republic. I think that after such events, the number of people who want to visit Karelia and those who are interested in its fate, it is interesting what is happening in the republic, will increase significantly. This is our most important task - to awaken interest in Karelia.

He also noted that today the cooperation is actively developing in the municipalities. Thus, Olonets and Medvezhiegorsky districts of Karelia conclude agreements on twin-town relations with the districts of the Northern Administrative District of Moscow. Muscovites choose places in the Olonets area to accommodate bases for children's recreation.

-Each district of the republic will use its "highlights" and advantages in cooperation with the regions of Moscow. I think these are the first steps, as we develop cooperation we will understand that it is profitable for Karelia, which is beneficial to Moscow, we will develop this mutual interest, "Alexander Khudilainen added.

Concluding the presentation, Prefect of the Northern Administrative District of Moscow Vladislav Bazanchuk on behalf of the district residents thanked the Head of Karelia for active steps to develop cooperation.

"For the first time in my 10-year practice, I see that the head of the region is so deeply involved in the issues of cooperation, he promoted, loved his region and knew him so well. With your pressure, we will jointly promote our ideas, and in the near future we will build the "House of Karelia" in Moscow, "he said.

Here, in the foyer of the prefectural building, during the presentation, an exhibition was held demonstrating the investment attractiveness of Karelia. Alexander Khudilainen and Vladislav Bazanchuk visited the exhibition, during which the Head of Karelia acquainted the prefect of the Northern Administrative District with the main sights and natural riches of the republic.

Source: "Official Karelia"